Welcome to Deana's House

Day Care


Daytime Care for your Child

Early Education is the Weapon in the Battle against illiteracy

I do not accept "drop-in" or on the spot childcare without meeting and setting up arrangement with Parent/Guardian.


Walk through visits by interested Parents/Guardians are by appointment only. I do not expose children to ANY unknown adults without permission.


After enrollment Parents are welcome to stop by at ANY time that Their Child is in my Care.


Every Person in my home have passed criminal background checks, by the State and City.


I do not Transport Children ever, except in case of emergency, Ambulance service is to be used.




Healthy Meals & Snacks


Potty Training


Infant Held Bottle Feeding


Educational Programs, Toys and Games


Social Behavior


Arts and Crafts


Supervised Quiet Time


BIG Safe Yard outside with room to Run and Play


Family Enviroment




Every Child is Welcome and Equal


Children's Safety is Paramount


Immunizations Required


Authorized Adults only

Deana's House Day Care 208-286-6114 Boise, ID 83713