Emergency Preparedness

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Emergency Preparedness

New Regulations has taken effect that states all Schools and Daycares that receive Federal funding must have a Disaster

Preparedness plan by November 2017

Visit this page for Information and Links to Our Plan and Helpful Links in our Community.


Important Links in Our Community

Our Emergency Response Plan

City of Boise Evacuation Plan

Ada County Emergency Preparedness Guide

First Aid Training Everyone Should Know


This handy slide show will help everyone know what to do in the case of an emergency!

It is posted by the wonderful people at

Health Solutions of Idaho who offer CPR and First aid Training Classes


Even if you are not in the Health care or Caregiving Feild

everyone should know the basics that can help save a life.

Life threatening events do not just happen in Hospitals. They happen on the Street, in Stores, Camping, at the dinner table.


Be Aware

Be Prepared!


Poison Control and Mr. Yuk


Mr. Yuk has taught entire genterations how to be safe around poison.


Poison Control Telephone Number

Know it, Use it



Keep Children Safe!


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